Garagegirl media

immersive/narrative XR

The medium is the message
A design-led, multi-disciplinary approach is at the core of what GarageGirl creates and collaborates on

The story artistically considered

From within outward
Stories follow form. The choice of narrative structure, the why and the how in the use of tech, and an understanding of the experience you want to create can lead to a transformative experience.

Who is telling the story is just as important as the story
I can't and shouldn't tell every story; but every story I tell will be told with care.

Producing - Directing - Writing - Capturing

WATER - Photographic Exhibition for Female Eye Film Festival
Little Boy, Big World - Photographic Exhibition for Female Eye Film Festival
Love Maps - NFB Interactive Studios
Crafting Murder: Death was Her Hobby debuting at the Cannes XR Showcase
HORIZON - 9K 360 film exhibiting in domes and VR, including select footage at EPCOT
MERIDIAN interactive VR programme, select films premiering at Hot Docs - DOCX
Poplar Paradiso and I ME WED installations at Nuit Blanche
Thunder Bay for CRAVE
Dark Side of the Ring for Vice Studios
Mr. Big for Amazon Studios
For Heavens Sake for CBS and Funny or Die
Enslaved for EPIX and CBC
Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer for Amazon Studios
Wild Ride for MTV, distribution by Blue Ant International
Don't Drive Here for Discovery Channel

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